Mar 31, 2011

10 Best Actors of All Time


Depending on who you ask, the list of the ten best actors of all time can vary greatly and include actors from bygone generations all the way up to those appearing on the silver screen today. However, according to the website of one well-respected organization, the American Film Institute, the ten best actors are:

1. Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart is an American cultural icon who starred in memorable movies such as Angels with Dirty Faces, Key Largo, Sabrina, Casablanca and The African Queen. After the success as Duke Mantee in The Petrified Forest in 1936, Bogart continued to cast gangster roles until his break-through came as leading man in 1941, with High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon. Bogart is perhaps best known for his trademark performance in the 1942 classic Casablanca as the cynical and ultimately noble Rick Blaine.

2. Cary Grant

Cary Grant, and English-born actor who made women in America swoon, is number two on the list. This award-winning actor’s most famous film credits include The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, To Catch a Thief and An Affair to Remember.

3. James Stewart

Stewart was an actor on both Broadway and in film. He was nominated for five Academy Awards and starred in a long list of movies today all considered classics, including Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, Harvey, Rear Window, Vertigo and It’s a Wonderful Life.

4. Marlon Brando

No list is complete without Marlon Brando, who many identify with Vito Corleone of The Godfather. However, the actor performed for more than 50 years and also shined in A Streetcar Named Desire, Apocalypse Now, Superman and many more.

5. Fred Astaire

Hollywood’s famed suave dancing gentleman, Astaire astounded audiences with his voice and moves for many years. His career as a film and Broadway actor and dancer, choreographer and singer lasted more than 76 years and through 31 musical films. Among his most famous titles were Funny Face, Royal Wedding and Swing Time.

6. Henry Fonda

Fonda began acting in 1935 and his career took off after his famous performance in The Grapes of Wrath. His long and impressive career also includes movies like 12 Angry Men, How the West Was Won, Jesse James, On Golden Pond and Jezebel.

7. Clark Gable

Who can forget Clark Gable’s smoldering turn as Rhett Butler in the classic Gone With the Wind? He became known as The King of Hollywood and won an Academy Award for It Happened One Night. He was nominated for awards for Mutiny on the Bounty, and his last film was The Misfits with Marilyn Monroe.

8. James Cagney

Cagney was a well-decorated and acclaimed actor known best for playing tough guys on the screen. His top film credits include Angels with Dirty Faces, Frisco Kid, The Oklahoma Kid and Yankee Doodle Dandy. The film The Public Enemy quickly became one of the top gangster movies of the time, and catapulted Cagney into stardom.

9. Spencer Tracy

Tracy appeared in 74 films, but got his start in the Broadway play The Last Mile. While he is known for his lasting affair with actress Katharine Hepburn, Tracy starred in acclaimed films including Adam’s Rib, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Father of the Bride and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

10. Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin is the only silent film star to make AFI’s list of top actors. He broke onto the screen and rapidly became one of the top film stars in the world. His comedic routines involved miming and slapstick comedy, and his most famous role was The Tramp from the Keystone comedy Kid Auto Races at Venice.

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Mar 30, 2011

Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actors


From Johnny Depp to Ben Stiller, the stars who command a couple more zeroes than everyone else in Tinseltown.

Before 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean, no one would have pegged Johnny Depp to become the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. The quirky leading man was best known for starring in offbeat movies like Tim Burton's Ed Wood and the film version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

But it turns out mixing Depp's oddball performance tendencies with a big-budget Disney ( DIS - news - people ) concept is a recipe for success. The first Pirates movie earned $654 million at the global box office. The franchise has gone on to earn a total of $2.7 billion, and a fourth film is slated for 2011 (in 3-D, natch). Depp's most recent star turn for the studio, a 3-D update of Alice in Wonderland, has brought in $1 billion at the box office.

His ability to almost guarantee a big box office (even Public Enemies earned $214 million) means studios are willing to pay whatever it takes to get a bit of the Depp magic. Between June 2009 and June 2010, Depp was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, earning a total $75 million.

This year's top 10 highest-paid actors banked a total of $349 million between June 2009 and June 2010. To figure out earnings, we talked to agents, managers, producers and lawyers to determine what the stars earned as upfront pay on movies they are currently shooting, as well as back-end pay earned after a movie hit theaters. We also looked at any money actors might have earned from doing ads.

Ranking second behind Depp is Ben Stiller with $53 million. The comedian earns big bucks for films like Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and the upcoming third installment in the Meet the Parents franchise because those films pay out at the box office. But Stiller has also started doing smaller, more personal films. This year's Greenberg, about a lonely man rapidly approaching middle age, earned only $6 million.

In third place: Tom Hanks. Between June 2009 and June 2010 the actor earned $45 million. Much of that came from movies like Angels & Demons and the upcoming Larry Crowne, which co-stars Julia Roberts. But Hanks also earns from films and TV shows he produces. He was behind HBO's recent mini-series The Pacific and produced 2009's Where The Wild Things Are.

Adam Sandler ranks fourth with $40 million. His most recent film, Grown Ups, started slow but is now Sandler's third-highest-grossing film of all time at the box office with $230 million in ticket sales worldwide. The fact that his humor can bring in fans over time, in the U.S. and abroad, means studios are willing to pay him a hefty salary.

Leonardo DiCaprio ranks fifth with $28 million. The star went through a period with underperforming films like Body of Lies and Blood Diamond, making it increasingly difficult for DiCaprio to justify his large payday.

But he's recently turned that around with Shutter Island and Inception. The latter (which hit theaters after our June deadline) is now DiCaprio's second highest grossing film, behind Titanic, with $700 million so far. DiCaprio will end up making at least $50 million from the film, which should rank him much higher on next year's list. [source:]

check it out>> In Pictures: Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actors

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Sundays at Tiffany's Movie


Synopsis: Alyssa Milano, who also serves as producer, stars as Jane Claremont, who, as a young girl, would accompany her mother Vivian (Stockard Channing) to Tiffany’s in New York every Sunday and bring along her imaginary friend, Michael. Now, 20 years later, Jane is a successful businesswoman, set to marry Hugh (Ivan Sergei), her handsome fiancé, until Michael (Eric Winter) suddenly reappears, all grown up, to warn Jane about the path her life is on. Initially shocked and in disbelief, Jane slowly realizes that not only has Michael returned to her when she needs him most, but he may also be her one true love. Based on the book by James Patterson.


Jane knows that marrying Hugh, a professional actor, means some small sacrifices. Yet she doesn’t really know what she’s missing out on until a mysterious man, Michael, appears in her life and his presence forces her to reevaluate her relationships. Jane questions whether Michael is really her childhood imaginary friend, but regardless, she feels an undeniable connection to him.

Alyssa Milano
Actress Alyssa Milano has spent almost her entire life in the public eye. A famous child actor, Milano has continued to work throughout her adulthood in both television and film. She starred on the hit WB series “Charmed” for nine years. The series’ debut was the highest-rated premiere in the network’s history. She also starred on the Fox series “Melrose Place.” She began her career on ABC’s “Who’s the Boss,” which aired for eight years.

Vivian is a power player in the New York theater scene, and her career has always been her number one priority. When her playwright daughter, Jane, has plans to marry a rising star, Hugh, she sees it as a brilliant public relations move. When Michael inserts himself in Jane’s life, she’s not sure what to make of him — a man who claims he is her daughter’s imaginary friend.

Stockard Channing
Forever known for her role as Rizzo in the film “Grease,” Channing was born on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In 2002, Channing won two Emmy Awards for her roles as First Lady Abbey Bartlet on NBC’s “The West Wing,” and for the role of Judy Shepard in “The Matthew Shepard Story,” for which she also received a Screen Actors Guild Award. She received a 2005 Daytime Emmy Award for her role in “Jack.“ Channing’s extensive theater credits include “Pal Joey,” “Joe Egg,” “Hapgood,” “Love Letters,” “Woman in Mind,” “The Breath of Life,” and many more.

Michael’s job is to befriend children who need extra love in their lives. The toughest part about being an imaginary friend is leaving when the child has built up enough confidence and character, and knowing that they can never meet again. When Michael crosses paths with grown-up Jane 20 years later, a situation that has never occurred before, he realizes that a magical twist of fate has brought them together for a reason.

Eric Winter
A charming and versatile actor, Winter can currently be seen in a recurring role opposite Simon Baker on the hit CBS series “The Mentalist.” Winter previously recurred on the critically acclaimed “Brothers & Sisters” as well as the cult vampire drama “Moonlight.” Early on he became a fan favorite in his television debut role on the popular daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

Hugh is making a name for himself as an actor, and marrying Jane will complete his perfect image. There’s just one problem: Their relationship may be jeopardized when Jane’s old friend, Michael, comes back into her life.

Ivan Sergei
Ivan Sergei first made a name for himself in the indie gem “The Opposite of Sex,” with Christina Ricci. Additional movie credits include “The Big Day,” “Scorched,” “Dangerous Minds,” “We Met on the Vineyard,” “Playing Mona Lisa,” “Gunfighter’s Moon” and “The Break-Up,” with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Most recently, Sergei guest-starred on Lifetime’s hit television series “Army Wives.” He also starred in the Lifetime Original Movie “Nora Roberts’ High Noon.”

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Mar 25, 2011

Top 10 Most Steal Attention Korean Actors


South Korean entertainment industry is booming. Serial drama and cinema films made ​​in the country's ginseng is sold not only in his country alone. As a result, with high production in Korea, the world of entertainment never stopped giving birth young actors.

Nevertheless, the presence of senior actors also still get a place in the hearts of his fans. Here are 10 actors who are considered the best and most popular.

With a charming smile, hair style and also his acting skills, the actor is able to steal the hearts of the fans, especially women. Who are they?

1. Jang Geun Suk
Men born August 4, 1987 is in the first position. He began to steal the show when acting as Kim Eun-Ho in the series 'Hwang Jin-i'. However, his name increasingly flying and became an idol star Taekyung since served as a rocker in the serial 'You're Beautiful' with Park Shin Ye.

Jang Geun Suk also known as a versatile artist. Started his career as a model, he now started to spread the world of acting and singing. He also succeeded in three areas. Bids for the bids kept coming this long-haired man. Finally, he served as musicians in the series 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'. Now, he was getting ready to act in the movie 'You're My Pet'.

2. Won Bin

Won Bin That one guy's face is of course no stranger to public water land. Face handsome guy born 10 November 1977 has been frequently wara-Wiri in glass screen with acting that good. And most impressive was his acting along with Song Hye Kyo in blue confuse the famous series 'Endless Love'.

This man also played in the film that comes thanks to the cooperation between Korea-Japan entitled 'Friend'. In the film, Won Bin's acting collided with a famous Japanese actress, Kyoko Fukada. Now, his face was not seen again starred in the Korean series. Won Bin was concentrating to go international through the Hollywood film industry.

3. Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun JoongThe name of this man formerly known as the frontman Korean boyband, SS501. However, his acting is compelling in the series 'Boys Over Flowers' made man who was born June 6, 1986 is increasingly popular. His role as Ji Hoo in the series, produced by Japanese comic "Hana Yori Dango 'is making his name increasingly taken into account.

After successfully through the series which also popularized Hoo Lee Min, Kim Hyun Joong plays in the series 'Playful Kiss'. He also starred in several advertisements.

4. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min HoAlthough it had starred in several series, name of Lee Min Ho began to publicly known since he played in the serial Gun Jun Pyo 'Boys Over Flowers'. Youngest of two brothers is now a famous artist.

His name was not publicly known only Korea but also in several other Asian countries including Indonesia. Men born June 22, 1987 it was already a famous artist. And his name is growing in popularity since appearing in the series 'Personal Taste'.

Acting in the serial was made the acting ability of a man who never had an accident is increasingly taken into account. Currently he is preparing to shoot new drama 'City Hunter'. Similar to other Korean actor, Lee Min Ho also has aspirations to go international. He also began to prepare early on, including an English course.

5. Bae Yong Jun

Bae Yong JunHe is one of the senior actor. His name was publicly known homeland since starred in the series 'Winter Sonata' with actress Choi Ji Woo. But first he had also managed to steal the Korean public's attention through his roles in 'Sunny Place of The Young' and 'First Love'.

His appearance was that impressed taciturn make himself into a cult of women. The fans have a special call for the man who was born August 29, 1972. Fans call Bae Yong Jun as BYJ.

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Mar 24, 2011

Tiger Woods Date with 22 Year Old College Student


Whether coincidence or did not get over his ex-wife. Tiger Woods looking for a new love that is similar to Elin Nordegren. Former world number one has now is a love affair with Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22-year-old woman who was his neighbor.

Physically, Johnston was similar to Nordegren who divorced him in August last year. Daughter of ex- pitcher (pelembar ball in baseball sport) is a blond and a glance is not much different with Nordegren, a former Swedish model.

Johnston worked in the sports agency IMG, Woods became the place where his client. Suspected this is where their love began to blossom after their meeting sponsored reported Johnston's stepfather, Alastrair Johnston.

According to The Sun Scotland , Johnston's family lives in Windermere, Florida. That is, where they lived close together because Woods was also staying there.

"Tiger Woods has become a neighbor for 15 years and Alyse have known him all his life," declared the man from Glasgow was told the newspaper.

They are part of the same crowd, the same age, and went to the gym and out to dinner together. Do they spend time together? Yes.

Woods home in Windermere is a place where he had a car accident in 2009. Well-known incident that finally reveals all the stories infidelity this 35-year-old man that led to the destruction of the Ark of the household with Nordegren.

According to reports, Johnston was a student at Northwood University, Florida. This woman also had experienced legal problems associated with the car. According , Johnston was arrested in October for allegedly driving in a state of abnormal alias under the influence of alcohol.

What is the past which are equally not so good it makes Johnston and Woods would love to establish a rope? I do not know. To be sure, Johnston admitted to not be affected by infidelity Woods with approximately more than 40 women that he is willing to become Thailand's new lover is a bloody man.

"It would be very difficult if you look past that was full of women. But I enjoyed it. That's how love works, "says Johnston.

Woods and Johnston's relationship has been nurtured over the last few months. According to sports blogs , was revealed after last week they were dating and the camera caught making out on a luxury yacht owned by Woods.

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5 Asian Star Largest Sex Scandal


Sex scandal always been the subject of 'hot'. Moreover, if the perpetrator is a well-known public figure. The case for distributing celebrity sex videos or famous people can certainly be a big case. Especially if it occurs in Asian countries that embrace traditional oriental and tend to be conservative.

Not only exciting video scandal Indonesian celebrity' Cut Tari with a man who allegedly Ariel long a conversation 'hot', here are five other cases of distributing obscene videos and pictures in various countries in asia.

5. Taiwan
Actors: Chu Mei-feng, Taiwan Women Politicians

Chu Mei-feng

Case: In 2001, a friend of Chu Mei-feng is jealous of him, Kuo Yu-ling, installing pinhole cameras in Chu's bedroom. The camera recorded the scene vulgar Chu with a married lover, Tseng Chung-ming. Ling then spread it in the media. VCD containing the recording scene was circulated rapidly.

Completion: Chu resigned as head of the Hsinchu City Cultural Department, and announced that he will be out of public life. He then thought better and poured his experiences in the form of biographies and books appear in staging a concert in Singapore in 2002.

He is now a host on Macau Asian Satellite Television. Former best friend, Ling, sentenced to four years for violating privacy laws, damage to public morality, as well as theft and forgery.

4. Hong Kong
Actors: hip-hop artist, Edison Chen

Edison Chen

Case: In 2008, the outstanding 1300 photo vulgar Chen with at least six celebrities on the internet. Among others, the singer, Gillian Chung, movie stars, Cecilia Cheung, model, Bobo Chan, and his girlfriend, Vincy Yeung. It happened after he took the hard disk into a computer repair place.

Completion: Chen, hunted by police in Hong Kong and became the moon-monthly media. He fled to the United States and announced that will put his career in the entertainment world continue to 'without limits'.

Some time later he returned to Hong Kong and starred in the movie 'The Sniper'. He went back into the news when doing an exclusive interview with CNN.

3. Vietnam
Actors: Star adolescents, Hoang Thuy Linh

Hoang Thuy Linh

Case: A video with images a bit blurry, shows Thuy Linh, 19 years old, was having sexual relations with a former girlfriend. A video that circulated in 2007, it is surprising his fans, and even entire countries, because of Vietnam included a very conservative state. The case can be said to 'sex scandal' biggest in the history of Vietnam.

Completion: Critique and criticism continues to Hoang Thuy Linh addressed. Linh also publicly apologized to Vietnam on television. "I made a mistake, a very big mistake. I apologize to everyone, parents, teachers, and friends," Linh said, as quoted from

But the scandal did not make his career ruined. Instead he made a bad image of a chance in a career. He changed his image from boy to girl sexy sweet. Currently the bid for fashion shows, television shows, and commercials came.

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Mar 22, 2011

‘Red Riding Hood’ Film Adapted into Novel


Little Brown Books for Young Readers will publish a novel alongside director Catherine Hardwicke‘s upcoming film, Red Riding Hood.

The film (the trailer is embedded above) won’t be released until March, but the print book and enhanced eBook version will come out on January 25th. Hardwicke wrote an introduction to the novel and fans can download a bonus chapter on March 14th.

Here’s more from the release: “Debut author Sarah Blakley-Cartwright has crafted a lyrical thriller, adapting the movie’s story into a stunning stand-alone work that will have readers eagerly anticipating the film’s opening. Blakley-Cartwright wrote Red Riding Hood from a unique and coveted vantage point — she was on set every day with Hardwicke weaving in details from the world created for the film.”

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Mar 21, 2011

Bollywood Vs Hollywood


Conventions of commercial films

The principal difference between American and Indian commercial cinema is that Indian films usually feature periodic song-and-dance routines which, in a good movie, are expected to move the story forward (in mediocre movies, they are poorly integrated into the story). Songs are sung by professional play-back singers and lip-synched by dancing actors and actresses.

Indian commercial films, in whatever regional center they are made, tend to be long; they are usually two to three hours long, with an intermission. They tend to be melodramatic and sentimental, but may also feature romance, comedy, action, suspense, and other generic elements.

Art cinema

In addition to commercial cinema, there is also Indian cinema that aspires to seriousness or art. This is known to film critics as "New Indian Cinema" or sometimes "the Indian New Wave" (see the Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema), but most people in India simply call such films "art films".

From the 1960s through the 1980s, the art film was usually government-subsidised: aspiring directors could get federal or state government grants to produce non-commercial films on Indian themes. Many of these directors were graduates of the government-supported Film and Television Institute of India. Their films were showcased at government film festivals and on the government-run TV station, Doordarshan. These films also had limited runs in art house theatres in India and overseas. Since the 1980s, Indian art cinema has to a great extent lost its government patronage. Today, it must be made as independent films on a shoestring budget by aspiring auteurs, much as in today`s Western film industry.

The art directors of this period owed more to foreign influences, such as Italian neorealism or the French New Wave, than they did to the genre conventions of commercial Indian cinema. The best known New Cinema directors were Bengali: Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, and Bimal Roy. Some well-known films of this movement include the Apu Trilogy by Ray (Bengali), Meghe Dhaka Tara by Ghatak (Bengali) and Do Bigha Zameen by Roy (Hindi).

Art cinema was also well-supported in the state of Kerala. Malayalam movie makers like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, G. Aravindan, T. V. Chandran, Shaji N Karun, and M. T. Vasudevan Nair were fairly successful. Starting the 1970s, Kannada film-makers from Karnataka state produced a string of serious, low-budget films. Girish Kasaravalli is one of the few directors from that period who continues to make non-commercial films.

In the film markets of South India, particularly the Tamil film and Telugu film industries, directors such as K. Balachander, Bharathiraja, Balu Mahendra, Bapu and Ramana, Puttanna, Siddalingaiah, Dr.K.Vishwanath, Santhana Bharathi and Mani Ratnam have achieved box-office hits whilst balancing elements of art and popular cinema. Such films include Nayagan, Mouna Raagam, Kannathil Muthamittal, Sindhu Bhairavi and Gunaa.

Satyajit Ray was the most successful of the "art" directors. Many Indians knew his name and took pride in his numerous foreign awards. Prestige, however, did not translate to large-scale commercial success. His films played primarily to art-house audiences (students and intelligentsia) in the larger Indian cities, or to film buffs on the international art-house circuit.

From the 1970s onwards Hindi cinema produced a wave of `art films`. The foremost among the directors who produced such films is Shyam Benegal. Others in this genre include Govind Nihalani, Mani Kaul, Kumar Shahani, M.S. Sathyu.

Many cinematographers, technicians and actors began in art cinema and moved to commercial cinema. The actor Naseeruddin Shah is one notable example; he has never achieved matinee idol status, but has turned out a solid body of work as a supporting actor and a star in independent films such as Mira Nair`s Monsoon Wedding.

Indian cinema meets Hollywood

Contact between Indian and Western cinemas was established in the early days of film in India itself. Dadasaheb Phalke was moved to make Raja Harishchandra after watching Life of Christ at P.B. Mehta`s American-Indian Cinema. Similarly, some other early film directors were inspired by Western movies.

In India at least 80 percent of films shown in the late 1920s were American, even though twenty-one studios manufactured local films, eight or nine of them in regular production. American serials such as Perils of Pauline and Exploits of Elaine, and the spectacular sets of films like Quo Vadis and Cabira were popular and inspiring during the World War I era. Universal Pictures set up an Indian agency in 1916. J. F. Madan`s Elphinstone Bioscope Company at first focussed on distribution of foreign films and organization of their regular screenings Additionally, J.P. Madan, the prolific producer, employed Western directors for many of his films.

A number of Indian films have been accused of plagiarising from Hollwood Movies.[13] Due to the long time taken by courts to decide a case, few cases relating to copyright violations are brought up. One of the reasons Bollywood hesitates in purchasing rights is the assumption that these would run into millions of dollars, though according to some like screenwritor-director Anurag Kashyap, this is incorrect; He argues that while the films may cost millions of dollars in the west, the rights would be less expensive for Hindi remakes because the price would be based on the audience`s buying power, the economy and the number of bidders.[14]In 2003, best-selling fiction writer Barbara Taylor Bradford brought a copyright infringement suit against Sahara Television for allegedly making a television series (Karishma: A miracle of destiny) out of her book, A Woman of Substance.

Today, Indian cinema is becoming increasingly westernized. This trend is most strongly apparent in Bollywood. Newer Bollywood movies sometimes include Western actors (such as Rachel Shelley in Lagaan), try to meet Western production standards, conduct filming overseas, adopt some English in their scripts or incorporate some elements of Western-style plots. Bollywood also produces box-office hit like the films Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Kal Ho Naa Ho, both of which deal with the overseas Indian`s experience.

However, the meeting betwen Hollywood and India is a two-way process: Western audiences are becoming more interested in India, as evidenced by the mild success of Lagaan and Bride and Prejudice. As Western audiences for Indian cinema grow, Western producers are funding maverick Indian filmmakers like Gurinder Chadha (Bride and Prejudice) and Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding). Both Chadha and Nair are of Indian origin but do not live in India, and who made their names in Western independent films; they have now been funded to create films that "interpret" the Indian cinematic tradition for Westerners. A similar filmmaker is Deepa Mehta of Canada, whose films include the trilogy Fire, Earth and Water.

Indian cinema is also influencing the English and American musical; Baz Luhrmann`s Moulin Rouge! (2001) incorporates a Bollywood-style dance sequence; The Guru and The 40-Year-Old Virgin feature Indian-style song-and-dance sequences; A. R. Rahman, India`s star film composer, was recruited for Andrew Lloyd Webber`s Bombay Dreams; and a musical version of Hum Aapke Hain Koun has played in London`s West End.

Some Indians have succeeded in the Western film industry purely on their own terms without showing any Bollywood influence, such as filmmakers Manoj Night Shyamalan and Jay Chandrasekhar. Indian actors like Aishwarya Rai are getting good roles in Western films.

Criticism of Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema, is continiously criticised, for its lack of creativity and its over usage of the same plot line. Movies like Kaho Naa Pyar Hai one of Indian Cinema`s biggest hits, had a storyline which was used for generations. Critics also point out that almost every Drama film in India, is mainly centered around family, and that each of there dramas are extremely similair to those of soap operas.

Indian Cinema, is also very celebrity oriented. It should be noted that Film-makers in Bengal, and Orissa, and Tamil Nadu, which are states of India, have extremely talented Film makers, and have made much better films, than those of Hindi Cinema, which is popularly called Bollywood, but none of these films, are even considered for the Indian entry to the Academy Awards.

Ratings also show that the young Indian Audiences are slowly moving away from the conventional Films, and are looking for variety, which proves the Commercial successes of movies like Black, Iqbal, Rang De Basanthi, and other comparatively well-made films. Another aspect to be noted is that during the IIFA, the International Indian Film Awards, not one film from any other language other than Hindi, was nominated for any award. Which proves to show that the glamour of Indian Cinema, only rests with the Bollywood, and no one ese. Movies which were big critical failures, like Aitraaz, No Entry, Mission Kashmir, but huge box-office hits, due to their use of absurd, and voyueristic humour, have been nominated for Best Picture awards in almost every major Film Award Ceremonies. It is to be noted that most out-of-the-mainstream movies do resort to extreme publicity gimmicks and rather blatant orchestration to get the point across.

The major criticism however is that Indian CInema, gives no leverage to new directors, or actors. Most who are given the chance, have to mould out of their conventional styles, and have to transform to the thoughts of the producers, who don`t care for the artistic aspect of films, but more for the commercial aspect of it, hence the introduction of Item Numbers, and skimpily clad women. Indian Cinema is at its lowest level at the moment, and even though a few are trying to lift it up, it will take the entire consesus of both the Audiences and the producers, to make Indian Cinema on par with those like the American, Vritish, French, Chinese or Iranian films, which are widely credited to be the best in both art as well as in commercialism.

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Bollywood/Hollywood (2002)


Director: Deepa Mehta
Writer: Deepa Mehta
Stars: Rahul Khanna, Moushumi Chatterjee and Dina Pathak

After Rahul's white pop-star fiancée dies in a bizarre levitation accident his mother insists he find another girl as soon as possible, preferably a Hindi one. As she backs this up by postponing his sister's wedding until he does so, he feels forced to act, the more so as he knows his sister is pregnant. But it's a pretty tall order for an Indian living in Ontario, so when he meets striking escort Sunita who can 'be whatever you want me to be' he hatches a scheme to pass her off as his new betrothed. Things get complicated when his family start to take to her and he realises his own feelings are becoming rather stronger than that. Written by Jeremy Perkins {J-26}

Ten years ago, teen-aged Indo-Canadian Rahul Seth swore on his father's deathbed to make family a priority and marry a nice South Asian girl so that he would lead the Seth family into continued respectability above all else. Now, a wealthy Rahul is still unmarried, and is unlikely to get married in his own estimation. He can't ever marry his one true love, Anglo pop star Kimberly Worthum, and feels no woman, let alone a South Asian one, can ever replace her in his heart. But Ruby, Rahul's drama queen of a mother, won't allow the wedding of Twinky - Rahul's sister - to go ahead until Rahul has found a South Asian bride. Knowing that will not happen, Rahul makes a very expensive and strictly business arrangement with a domineering woman named Sue to act as his future bride for Twinky's wedding. Rahul met Sue when she tried to pick him up in a bar. Rahul believes Sue works as an escort and is ethnically Spanish, but that she can legitimately pass as South Asian. As Rahul and Sue go through with the deception, aided by Rahul's faithful chauffeur Rocky who is hiding his own secret, Rahul learns that Sue's deception goes a little deeper in many different respects. What Rahul doesn't know is the baggage that Sue herself brings into the arrangement. Written by Huggo

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Mar 17, 2011

Movie About Writer: Recommended for Young Writer


Burdened with a craft that's essentially uncinematic, writers in the movies are perennially blocked, broke, and insane, simultaneously romanticized and ridiculed for their excesses--from the wise-cracking drunks of "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle" to the sticky sweetness of "Shakespeare in Love," the self-regarding self-reflexivity of "Adaptation," and the homicidal madness of "The Shining." Here are ten films that have something real to say about what it means to write.

1. The Singing Detective
Stories that make us sick, stories that cure us: in the groundbreaking 1986 BBC mini-series, Michael Gambon plays a hospitalized pulp author with a nasty skin disease who wrestles with his demons, past, present, real, and imagined. Rarely have the processes of memory and creation been made visible with such playfulness: goons, dames, Nazi spies, and "Dem Bones" are all part of the brilliantly layered script by Dennis Potter. Caution: avoid the 2003 Robert Downey Jr. remake like the plague.

2. Barton Fink
More wrestling, this time literally: in the Coen Brothers' 1991 Cannes winner, John Turturro sells out to Hollywood, drinks with William Faulkner's alter ego, befriends John Goodman, and watches the wallpaper peel off in the shabby hotel where he is desperately trying to toss off his screenplay. Does it give you "that Barton Fink feeling?" You bet it does. Just for once, the world around Fink is crazier and more absurd than the writer.

3. Wonder Boys
Michael Douglas is endearingly ridiculous in his pink bathrobe, working on a second novel that's over a thousand pages long with no end in sight. Based on Michael Chabon's book and featuring appealing young actors Katie Holmes (pre-Tom) and Tobey Maguire (pre-Spidey), Wonder Boys tells tales from the inside a graduate writing program that are too wacky not to be true.

4. Deconstructing Harry
Not every writer has to justify their work to an angry Judy Davis armed with a revolver; deep down, however, they're all afraid their friends and family will confront them about their thinly veiled characters. One of Woody Allen's last great films, "Deconstructing Harry" is a poignant and hilarious cover version of Ingmar Bergman's "Wild Strawberries."

5. Factotum
Matt Dillon gives a wonderful performance as Charles Bukowski's alter-ego in Brent Hamer's adaptation/biopic about the hard-drinking, hard-living writer and poet. Outlandish scenes tumble into each other, buoyed by Bukowski's drunken wit and saved from precocious romanticism by his direct, unglamorous honesty.

6. Naked Lunch
It's a Kafka high: typewriters turn into bugs and extraterrestrial agents dispense strange drugs in David Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Burroughs' most famous novel.

7. Capote
Most of the talk about Bennett Millers' film has centered on Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar-winning performance--it is easier to praise his outstanding mimicry than to dissect the complexities of the script. Capote tackles tough issues about manipulation, ambition, and the real-life cost of creating art.

8. My Brilliant Career
In Gillian Armstrong's 1979 classic, Judy Davis has yet to display her talent for caustic sarcasm and biting humor. She plays impetuous, young Sybylla Melvyn, a budding author who chooses her fiction over love.

9. I Capture the Castle
Like father, like daughter: marvelous Bill Nighy and heartbreakingly earnest Romola Garai struggle with their craft, doubt their talent, and persevere. Set in a crumbling castle, Tim Fywell's tender, funny adaptation of Dodie Smith's 1949 novel captures the essence of the writing life.
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10. Morvern Callar
Lynne Ramsey's 2002 film might seems like an odd choice for this list--the film's actual writer is dead at the outset. His partying girlfriend picks up his manuscript and sells it under her own name. Morvern Callar isn't about the pain of creating, it's all about the pay-off: in the title role, Samantha Morton gets the supreme pleasure of having written without ever having touched pen or keyboard. [source:]

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Mar 16, 2011

Zhang Yimou New Film: Under the Hawthorn Tree


The Love of the Hawthorn Tree (simplified Chinese: 山楂树之恋; traditional Chinese: 山楂樹之戀) is a movie directed by the Chinese director Zhang Yimou. It was adapted from the popular 2007 novel "Hawthorn Tree Forever" by Ai Mi, which was based on a true story, and was set during the Cultural Revolution.The film was released in Mainland China (September 2010), Hong Kong (November 2010) and in Singapore.

Set during the end of China's Cultural Revolution in a small village in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, this film is about a pure love that develops between a beautiful high school student, Zhang Jingqiu and a handsome young prospector named Lao San. Jingqiu is one of the "educated youth" sent to be "re-educated" through work in the countryside under a directive from Chairman Mao.

She arrives with a group in Xiping village, in the Yangtze River's Three Gorges region, where they are shown a hawthorn tree called the Tree of Heroes which was reputedly nourished by the blood of Chinese martyrs executed by the Japanese during World War Two. Jingqiu is lodged with the family of village head , where she meets geology student Sun Jianxin (nicknamed Lao San) ,who also takes his meals at Zhang's home, and was drawn his responsible and honorable character.

Lao San's father is a high-up in the military but his mother committed suicide four years ago after being branded a "rightist". Jing's father is also a political prisoner somewhere in China and her mother is branded as a "capitalist" and is reduced to menial work to support their family. Following the political persecution of his father, Jing Qiu lives up to his mother’s expectations and becomes the rock of the family.

Despite the fact that this could imperil the future of Jingqiu and her family, the two main characters fell in love at first sight and their relationship continues the following year. Lao San also promises to wait for her until she grows up. She, however, becoming conflicted between love and duty.

However, Lao San later develops leukemia and forces himself to leave his sweetheart. Jing, without knowing about his deadly disease, is only reunited with him when he's dying. Will their love ever become fulfilled?

Directed by Zhang Yimou
Produced by Zhang Weiping, Cao Yuayi, Hugo Shong, Bill Kong
Written by Yin Lichuan, Gu Xiaobai, A Mei (novel)
Story by Ai Mi
Starring Zhou Dongyu, Shawn Dou
Music by Qigang Chen
Cinematography Zhao Xiaoding
Editing by Meng Peicong
Distributed by Edko Fims Ltd.
Release date(s) 15 September 2010 (2010-09-15) (China)
Running time 114 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

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Mar 15, 2011

Bitting Orit Fox's Breast, A Snake Dies


This photo shooting sessions should be full of exciting scenes of a sexy model and a snake. However, beyond expectations Orit Fox, boa constrictor wrapped around his body turned into a savage by biting her breasts after the model of Israel is trying to pose more intimate with the reptiles that crawl.

Uniquely, it's famous ferocious beast with a venom that is experiencing more ill-fated destiny. The model name is yet to climb it just to get a tetanus shot treatment in hospital. While the snake died of poisoning from silicone breast Fox.

This event began when Fox-colored clothing that wrapped red and white stripes try posing wild by licking the face of a snake. When running maneuvers, these models relax the grip of his hand against the neck of a snake which reacted savagely when licked.

Apparently this snake did not want to lose the wild from the model. This reptile sunk his head toward the breast Fox and bite stick in the left breast.

Fox cried out in pain and a photo shoot session crew rushed toward him to attract a snake not long after releasing his grip.

The model is painted with color blond hair was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital and get a tetanus shot. However, the snake appears to be less fortunate because they have to die due to silicone poisoning.

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Mar 9, 2011

Natalie Portman Wins Best Actress Oscar 2011 for Black Swan


A gorgeous Natalie Portman made her way carefully to the stage to accept her first Academy Award for her starring role in Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Getting a hug from Jeff Bridges, Portman was greeted with what could have been the loudest round of applause of the night from the celebrity audience.

"Thank you so much to the Academy. This is insane, and I truly wish the prize tonight was to get to work with my fellow nominees. I'm so in awe of you. I am so grateful to get to do the job that I get to do. I love it so much," said Portman, shedding a few tears.
I want to thank my parents, who are right there, first and foremost for giving me my life and for giving me the opportunity to work from such an early age. And showing me every day how to be a good human being by example."

Keeping her emotions barely in check, Portman thanked her team, the directors who have remained her supporters throughout the years, and Darren Aronofsky. "You are a fearless leader," said Portman of her Black Swan director, "I am blessed to have just gotten to get to work with you every day for the period of time that we did."

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Natalie Portman Lesbian Scene in Black Swan


The appeal of a movie not just a romance antarlawan types. Romance That scene is still Considered unusual, like a pair of women to attract the attention of the audience. That's the idea behind the making of 'Black Swan', the film tells the story of two women.

"Everyone is very worried about the WHO Would watch this movie," said the actress WHO Became a Golden Globe Nomination for 'Black Swan', Natalie Portman on Entertainment Weekly.

Portman has Their own opinions about his latest movie. "Perhaps you are wondering whether there is male audience at a ballet movie or are there women WHO watch horror movies. But, lesbian sex scenes liked everybody," he said as published in People.

In That inspired the ballet classic "Swan Lake ', 29-year actress must play ballerina sex scene with her rival, Played by Mila Kunis, 27 years old. In this movie, Portman served as Nina Sayers, graceful ballet dancer but problematic. As a result of too much dive into Their roles, Portman said his character was Brought in real life.

"There are Some nights That makes me really feel like going to die," said Portman. "This is the first time I understand how a role-cans really control yourself."

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