Mar 15, 2011

Bitting Orit Fox's Breast, A Snake Dies

This photo shooting sessions should be full of exciting scenes of a sexy model and a snake. However, beyond expectations Orit Fox, boa constrictor wrapped around his body turned into a savage by biting her breasts after the model of Israel is trying to pose more intimate with the reptiles that crawl.

Uniquely, it's famous ferocious beast with a venom that is experiencing more ill-fated destiny. The model name is yet to climb it just to get a tetanus shot treatment in hospital. While the snake died of poisoning from silicone breast Fox.

This event began when Fox-colored clothing that wrapped red and white stripes try posing wild by licking the face of a snake. When running maneuvers, these models relax the grip of his hand against the neck of a snake which reacted savagely when licked.

Apparently this snake did not want to lose the wild from the model. This reptile sunk his head toward the breast Fox and bite stick in the left breast.

Fox cried out in pain and a photo shoot session crew rushed toward him to attract a snake not long after releasing his grip.

The model is painted with color blond hair was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital and get a tetanus shot. However, the snake appears to be less fortunate because they have to die due to silicone poisoning.

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