Feb 10, 2008

Exchange Link

Do you have any blogs/sites which content about movie, film, dvd, celebrity or any related topics and wanna exchange link with this blog?

I encourage you to exchange link in order to increase your page rank and also help other reach a good rank. Exchange link is the simple way to save some interested links so whenever we want to come back, just click on the link.

Blogging for me is also a kind of social activities, in this case we need to be opened to get in touch with anyone in blogosphere.

To exchange link with this blog, please follow this rule:

  • add this blog with anchor text= "Movie Corner" and url address="http://movie-corner.blogspot.com"
  • if you've put the link on your blog/site, confirm your link by posting comment at this page
  • i'll put your link at blog frontpage and inside page, depend on where you put my link. I'll do the same you did.

I also invite you to exchange link with my blog network. Please select one or more blogs which match with your topic (exchange link with the related categories/topics effective to increase blog rank).

1. http://scholarshipcorner.info | Blog Title: Scholarships Corner
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3. http://greatliteraryworks.blogspot.com | Blog Title: The Greatet Literary Works
4 http://mypaid2blog.com | Blog Title: My Paid to Blog

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setya adhi nugroho said...

link me, http://ahins.web.id

Michael Wong said...

Hi, i have linked you to my web. Please link me
Website name: Blockbuster Movie Trailers
URL: http://www.boxofficemovietrailer.blogspot.com.

Sal @ Movie Gift Baskets said...

Hello there,

I have your link up at http://www.moviegiftbaskets.net

Here's my info:
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Thanks in advance!

Dynamic said...

Hi, thanks for your info, but i didn't see my link on your website. My website is "BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE TRAILERS."

Sal @ MovieGiftBaskets.net said...

Hi there,

Your link "blockbuster movie trailers" has been added to my site, www.moviegiftbaskets.net.

Please add a link to mine.


articles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Movies 19 said...

I had added your Link Over : http://movies19.blogspot.com/ , Please add my Link. :)

Big Fish said...


I have your link up at http://www.47movies.com

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J.L. Hartley said...

Hi, I added a link to your site here http://exileinmyville.blogspot.com/
"Exile In Myville"

A link back would be appreciated, thanks.

Bill said...

I'm still waiting...

I have your link up.

Here's my info:
Anchor: 47 Movies
URL: http://www.47movies.com

belle said...

How to link both of you?

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