Jan 31, 2006

The Figure of a Leader


What is actually expected from a figure of leader? Is it a good performance?
Should he be capable enough? Or perhaps you have your own reason..

By Muhamad Sulhanudin

These questions apparently appear in our mind when we are to choose a leader. It is our right to decide what kind of leader we want, even though other people may oppose our choice. On the contrary, we may also go up against others choices. This is a democracy. In a democratic country, people are free to express their opinion; they are free to determine their choices in choosing a figure of their leader as well.

Indonesia, a novice democratic country in the opinion of USA, as they assume to be the founder of democracy has been aware of the importance of democracy. As a matter of fact, in the recent general election, people have voted directly for the legislative and the upcoming presidential election. People are so far supposed only to be object for our politicians, but after the politicians succeed residing in the position, people are then out of their mind. Certainly, by this direct election, people will find a figure of their choice.

People actually have a very simple demand for the figure of their leader. They just expect a figure who can protect them; not an authoritarian or a tyrant who takes over his citizens. Since politicians did not fulfil their promises, people tend to trust them no more. Politicians often think that people are stupid; people can be deceived by providing them any “seductive materials”. Unluckily, their prediction proves to be wrong. Today, people are not the same with people in the “Orde Baru” regime. People can evaluate the politicians attitudes now.

But however smart people are, politicians are smarter. They attempt to adopt any ways to seduce people. They seem to act as a hero of the nation defender. Their corrupt were conjured up as a sublime action. Therefore, they strongly look like a hero for the people.


A community, either big or small, certainly needs a leader to give direction to their member. Without a leader the community can not be solid, because each member has his own wish. So, in this case, a figure is required in order to accommodate every aspiration that member have. The figure is then called a Leader.

Change is now on people hands. People should therefore be careful to use their right as well as possible. They ought not to be easily persuaded by any seductions. In this sense, the candidates of our leader will think twice to do the same action. Now, it is about time to make a change!

*Published in Miracle, magazine of English Department Students of Diponegoro University, June-July 2004
*The Writer is former Chief Editor of Miracle 2003/2004

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