Mar 25, 2011

Top 10 Most Steal Attention Korean Actors

South Korean entertainment industry is booming. Serial drama and cinema films made ​​in the country's ginseng is sold not only in his country alone. As a result, with high production in Korea, the world of entertainment never stopped giving birth young actors.

Nevertheless, the presence of senior actors also still get a place in the hearts of his fans. Here are 10 actors who are considered the best and most popular.

With a charming smile, hair style and also his acting skills, the actor is able to steal the hearts of the fans, especially women. Who are they?

1. Jang Geun Suk
Men born August 4, 1987 is in the first position. He began to steal the show when acting as Kim Eun-Ho in the series 'Hwang Jin-i'. However, his name increasingly flying and became an idol star Taekyung since served as a rocker in the serial 'You're Beautiful' with Park Shin Ye.

Jang Geun Suk also known as a versatile artist. Started his career as a model, he now started to spread the world of acting and singing. He also succeeded in three areas. Bids for the bids kept coming this long-haired man. Finally, he served as musicians in the series 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'. Now, he was getting ready to act in the movie 'You're My Pet'.

2. Won Bin

Won Bin That one guy's face is of course no stranger to public water land. Face handsome guy born 10 November 1977 has been frequently wara-Wiri in glass screen with acting that good. And most impressive was his acting along with Song Hye Kyo in blue confuse the famous series 'Endless Love'.

This man also played in the film that comes thanks to the cooperation between Korea-Japan entitled 'Friend'. In the film, Won Bin's acting collided with a famous Japanese actress, Kyoko Fukada. Now, his face was not seen again starred in the Korean series. Won Bin was concentrating to go international through the Hollywood film industry.

3. Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun JoongThe name of this man formerly known as the frontman Korean boyband, SS501. However, his acting is compelling in the series 'Boys Over Flowers' made man who was born June 6, 1986 is increasingly popular. His role as Ji Hoo in the series, produced by Japanese comic "Hana Yori Dango 'is making his name increasingly taken into account.

After successfully through the series which also popularized Hoo Lee Min, Kim Hyun Joong plays in the series 'Playful Kiss'. He also starred in several advertisements.

4. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min HoAlthough it had starred in several series, name of Lee Min Ho began to publicly known since he played in the serial Gun Jun Pyo 'Boys Over Flowers'. Youngest of two brothers is now a famous artist.

His name was not publicly known only Korea but also in several other Asian countries including Indonesia. Men born June 22, 1987 it was already a famous artist. And his name is growing in popularity since appearing in the series 'Personal Taste'.

Acting in the serial was made the acting ability of a man who never had an accident is increasingly taken into account. Currently he is preparing to shoot new drama 'City Hunter'. Similar to other Korean actor, Lee Min Ho also has aspirations to go international. He also began to prepare early on, including an English course.

5. Bae Yong Jun

Bae Yong JunHe is one of the senior actor. His name was publicly known homeland since starred in the series 'Winter Sonata' with actress Choi Ji Woo. But first he had also managed to steal the Korean public's attention through his roles in 'Sunny Place of The Young' and 'First Love'.

His appearance was that impressed taciturn make himself into a cult of women. The fans have a special call for the man who was born August 29, 1972. Fans call Bae Yong Jun as BYJ.

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