Mar 24, 2011

Tiger Woods Date with 22 Year Old College Student

Whether coincidence or did not get over his ex-wife. Tiger Woods looking for a new love that is similar to Elin Nordegren. Former world number one has now is a love affair with Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22-year-old woman who was his neighbor.

Physically, Johnston was similar to Nordegren who divorced him in August last year. Daughter of ex- pitcher (pelembar ball in baseball sport) is a blond and a glance is not much different with Nordegren, a former Swedish model.

Johnston worked in the sports agency IMG, Woods became the place where his client. Suspected this is where their love began to blossom after their meeting sponsored reported Johnston's stepfather, Alastrair Johnston.

According to The Sun Scotland , Johnston's family lives in Windermere, Florida. That is, where they lived close together because Woods was also staying there.

"Tiger Woods has become a neighbor for 15 years and Alyse have known him all his life," declared the man from Glasgow was told the newspaper.

They are part of the same crowd, the same age, and went to the gym and out to dinner together. Do they spend time together? Yes.

Woods home in Windermere is a place where he had a car accident in 2009. Well-known incident that finally reveals all the stories infidelity this 35-year-old man that led to the destruction of the Ark of the household with Nordegren.

According to reports, Johnston was a student at Northwood University, Florida. This woman also had experienced legal problems associated with the car. According , Johnston was arrested in October for allegedly driving in a state of abnormal alias under the influence of alcohol.

What is the past which are equally not so good it makes Johnston and Woods would love to establish a rope? I do not know. To be sure, Johnston admitted to not be affected by infidelity Woods with approximately more than 40 women that he is willing to become Thailand's new lover is a bloody man.

"It would be very difficult if you look past that was full of women. But I enjoyed it. That's how love works, "says Johnston.

Woods and Johnston's relationship has been nurtured over the last few months. According to sports blogs , was revealed after last week they were dating and the camera caught making out on a luxury yacht owned by Woods.

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