Apr 11, 2008

Angelina Jolie Finally Talk about Pregnacy

Angelina Jolie has spoken publicly about her pregnancy for the first time.

The actress and UN goodwill ambassador - who is expecting twins with her partner Brad Pitt - was in Washington D.C. for a discussion on Iraq's education policy on Tuesday (April 8, 2008) when she got a playful nudge from her unborn babies.

Speaking after the talk, she said: "I felt kicking suddenly in the middle of the event."

Angelina, who was joined in the US capital by her adopted sons, six-year-old Maddox, and Pax, four, added: "It is a very special time in our lives."

Despite the interruption, Angelina continued to talk passionately about her two visits to war-torn Iraq and urged the international community to make education a priority.

The actress told the Council on Foreign Relations: "The best way to heal children of conflict from trauma is to have them focus on their future."

"Every child has a right to education and conflict is not a reason to ignore that."

Angelina - who also has an adopted daughter, three-year-old Zahara, and a 22-month-old biological daughter, Shiloh, with Brad - then spoke about her new initiative, Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

She explained the EPCC would be "a center that helps raise awareness and coordinate all the various efforts of people working towards education for children of conflict."

Source: BANG Showbiz

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She walks the walk and in spite of everything I do respect her.

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