Oct 3, 2010

Cincinnati Film Festival: October 8-16 2010

A Regional Festival of International Films

The Cincinnati Film Festival focus on the "LIVE Experience". The organizer believe that the film festival experience should be set apart from just going to your average theater to watch a movie. This is a Festival, and therefore a Live, Interactive environment no matter if you're an audience member, a filmmaker, or an industry professional.

The organizer accomplish this by bringing in as many of the filmmakers as they can to interact with audiences after the films, provide multiple special events ranging from panels to workshops, receptions, meals, galas, lounges, concerts, you name it... to allow filmmakers, industry, and audiences to interact directly with each other every chance we get. Audiences and industry are allowed to not only rate, but actually write reviews about the films they've seen, and let the filmmakers respond to them (and learn from them). There's a reason filmmakers and audiences alike request to come back to Cincinnati year after year.

Visit CFF official website for more information.

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