Sep 25, 2010

Iranian film version of Jesus: Jesus was never crucified

A film about Jesus that script the script based on the Islamic perspective recently released in Iran. The film will cause a reaction from the Christian community, because Jesus told not die on the cross, but was replaced by Judas Iscariot. The film is titled "The Messiah, The Spirit of God", written, produced and directed by the producer from Iran, Nader Talebzadeh. The film was made in Iran and Jesus was played by an actor in Iran. This film is based on the teachings of Al Quran about Jesus and based on the contents of the Gospel of Barnabas, a book which is not included in the canon of Scripture. Making the film was funded by an Iranian state-owned TV channel.

Dr. Emir Caner, a dean of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary recommend to Christians watching this film, because in it reveal a lot of new things, like when Jesus was being replaced, why the mother and the disciples did not recognize that the person they were following was exchanged before being on the cross, and what is the purpose of God 'blinding the crowd included all the disciples of Jesus and Mary the mother of Jesus, so they still think that Jesus was being crucified. (Watch trailer & The Muslim Jesus)

Caner, who is also a professor of history, said he believes that ultimately this way, we watch as he asked on that point of view, we can accept this film.

"Maybe the Muslims and Christians will realize through this film that the Koran only offers a possible story that might occur at the time, even though the Bible was clearly written a detailed history of reliable and has proved even to this day." Similarly Caner write a statement.

Almost as a whole "The Messiah," the appearance of Jesus in the film version of Jesus is similar to that made by the western world. Blonde hair and perform miracles. Only thing different is how Judas arrived - arrived miraculously changed resemble Jesus and replace Jesus was crucified.

"He (Jesus) is not the Son of God and never be the Son of God. He only prophet and he was never crucified, it is another person who was crucified to replace him," Talebzadeh told CNN.

One motive of making this film, according to Talebzadeh, is in response to films about Jesus that made the Western producers, like the movie "The Passion of the Christ" starring actor Mel Gibson in 2004. According to him, this film presents the story wrong about Jesus from the teachings of Islam.

Phenomenal movie that involves almost more than 1000 people this is the greatest movie ever made in Iran. The film will also be aired in 20 episodes on TV channels owned by the government of Iran [syarif / eng /]

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