Mar 25, 2010

N-Viro Green Technology

Environmentalists are continuously searching for green and clean fuel. While new energy solutions are being discovered, refined and brought further and further into the public light, something that does not get a lot of headlines is waste to energy. Now researchers are thinking about using this waste energy.

A good news come from N-Viro International which support this green technology. They convert various types of waste into beneficial alternative fuel products. Their clean coal fuel product of course will help us to save our green environment.

N-Viro Fuel has received alternative energy status from the US Environmental Protection Agency, which qualifies the technology for renewable energy incentives. N-Viro operates processing facilities independently as well as in partnership with municipalities.

As we have known, the consumption habits of modern consumer lifesyles are causing a huge worldwide waste problem. Some alternative energy companies are now developing new ways to recycle waste by generating electricity from landfill waste and pollution.

N-Viro green technology offer us an opportunity fuels. This is any type of fuel that is not widely used, but has the potential to be an economically viable source of power generation. Opportunity fuels are typically unconventional, and usually derived from some sort of waste or byproduct.

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