Dec 20, 2009

Just Host UK Webhosting

For people in the UK sometimes it is important to search for UK based web hosting and with offices in the UK, US & Australia Just Host is the perfect match for thousands of UK businesses and UK individuals worldwide.

Most webmasters do not pay much attention in to where their site is hosted, whether it's in the US or EU people pay little interest in the physical location of a server and focus more on the price. The issue here occurs when you run into difficulties and your site goes down.

You may be left feeling miles away from help when your host is US based and closed for the weekend! The US web hosting marker is huge and it's always a good idea to help companies in your own country first especially in times of an economic crisis.

Very nice price and a very good package. I really enjoy Just host, even if my site was down for couple of hours. Therefore i recommend this website. I really recommend Just Hostuk web hosting for your choice..

Just Host were able to perform 10 simultaneous FTP transfers, which makes upload very fast.

* Control panel: cPanel 11 - Up to date
* Application installer: Fantastico Deluxe - Up to date

JustHost's admin interface has a few promotional items that can be disturbing at first but they do not really get in the way once you get used to their control panel.

JustHost offers toll-free phone support as well as 24/7 free e-mail and live chat support in order to get you answers in a matter of minutes. They also maintain a comprehensive knowledge

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