Feb 18, 2009

New 'Transformers 2' Teaser Trailer Lands Online

Will the latest installment be 2009's most successful sequel?

After the successful debut of a teaser trailer during the Super Bowl, a new, longer teaser for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is now available online.

Michael Bay's first Transformers film was one of the biggest box office successes of 2007, with a domestic haul of nearly $320 million. Even though it will be a highly competitive summer, Revenge of the Fallen could easily be one of 2009's biggest hits. The film has the prime release date of Wednesday, June 24 and so far no major summer blockbusters are slated to open that same day.

Check out the HD version over at Yahoo! Movies.

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Elizabeth Harris said...

transformers 2 is really cool and hot
DVD movie
I hope there's a part 3..

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen said...

i thought the movie was amazing i dont care what everybody else says i loved it, im seeing it again tomorrow with a bunch of my friends.

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