Jul 9, 2008

Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris

Cine Cube

Unsurprisingly, since the 1959 revolution, Cuban cinema has been less about style than substance, namely that of cultural identity and political and social reform. The most prolific, and, some would argue, influential film-maker of the period was Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, whose uneven, unsettling works mix genre and aesthetics with abandon. As part of the Cuban Festival this summer, Alea's widow and one of the country's leading actresses Mirta Ibarra (Strawberry And Chocolate) is in attendance to introduce three of her husband's specially restored films from Cuba's endangered archives, including A Cuban Fight Against Demons, and his most famous work, the hugely influential Memories Of Underdevelopment, which tells the complex story of one man's middle class alienation in the midst of revolution, and points to the heart of the Cuban experience. There are also more recent movies on show, such as 2006's El Benny, a biopic of singer Benny Moré.

· Barbican Screen, EC2, Thu 10 to Jul 17

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You don't have to be a drooling fanboy any more to love the Big Three (Batman, Superman and Spiderman). Thanks to CGI and huge budgets, comic-book heroes in the movies are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. You can indulge your inner geek with a huge range of screenings in this two-month season, which includes the director's cut of Superman, the stylish, and massively homoerotic 300, camp classics like Danger Diabolik and Flash Gordon, anime like Akira, and the giant cherry on top, an IMAX X-Men trilogy all-nighter, (plus neglected send-up Mystery Men, pictured), all introduced by Ian "Magneto" McKellen.

· BFI Southbank & BFI IMAX, SE1, Tue 1 to Aug 31

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