Jul 7, 2008

The Closer - The Complete Third Season

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Episodes:HomewreckerGrave DoubtSaving FaceECRubyThe Round FileDumb LuckFour to EightManhuntBlindsidedCulture ShockLover's LeapTill Death Do Us (Part 1 & 2)Next of Kin (Part 1 & 2)System Requirements:Running Time: 685 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 085391201151 Manufacturer No: 120115
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* Amazon Sales Rank: #9 in DVD
* Brand: Warner Brothers
* Released on: 2008-07-01
* Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
* Formats: Color, Widescreen, NTSC
* Subtitled in: English, French, Chinese, Portuguese
* Dubbed in: Portuguese
* Number of discs: 4
* Dimensions: 1.00 pounds

From Turner Network Television (TNT)
List Price: $39.98
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Customer Reviews

They'll bring you in. She'll make you talk.5
Kyra Sedgwick plays a deputy chief, who despite rubbing everyone up the wrong way on occasions proves that, despite her apparent ditziness at time, she can get to the root of any crime put her way and bring in a conviction.

Bizarrely, when I first watched the first episode of this, which I found by accident on TV, I wasn't sure about it. It wasn't like anything else I'd seen, and I wasn't wholly sure of the character of Brenda.

also wondered what 'The Closer' meant, as being English, I read it as 'closer' meaning 'nearer'! Duh.

But this is one of the best shows on TV. Whether or not you like the genre, it has a lot more to it than just a 'cop show'. The plots are important, intricate and there is often a very blackly humourous juxtaposition of the most terrible events and character comedy.

And it's the characters who really make it. Even the members of the squad who don't demand the most screen time really fill out their roles well - and I'm surprised that not everyone is included in the opening credit sequence (which is also different in there is no big credit sequence, just a series of intercuts). Their interactions are very cleverly mixed, so that even though poor Robert Gossett seems destined to be the bad guy, even he has redeeming features at times.

Excellent T.V. drama!!5
This is one of the best made for cable-T.V. crime dramas. It has just the right mix of suspense, drama, comedy, & a little love story. It keeps you guessing from begining to end. Kyra Sedgewick is a WONDERFUL actress that is a star for the younger as well as the uuuuhhhmmmm older (like me) fans. She is easy to identify with,especially being a woman working in a man's field. (like me!)You can't go wrong becoming a fan of this series!

Closer--consistently good from season to season5
The Closer - Season 3

We have enjoyed the Closer since it first started. Kyra Sedgwick has always been an excellent actress, but it's the ensemble cast that makes the whole show work. And the writers should be given Emmies for some of the cleverest dialogue and storylines on TV. Here's what's in season 3:

1--Homewrecker (the brutal murder of a family reveals a man who led two lives, and had a complete other family in another city)
2--Grave Doubts (a young man's body is discovered with Lt. Provenza's business card in his pocket and the prime murder suspect is a prominent man running for government office)
3--Saving Face (a dead woman's body is discovered in a cop's casket and the church becomes a crime scene, creating a media fiasco with a very irate bridezilla)
4--Ruby (a young girl goes missing and the prime suspect is a recently released sex offender; definitely one of the best episodes of the season--it takes you into the twisted mind of a sex offender)
5--The Round File (a senior turns up claiming to have killed several other retirement home residents and the prime suspect turns out to be someone else at the retirement home)
6--Dumb Luck (a personal trainer is murdered while on a date and it turns out he wasn't even the intended victim; two very stupid people got their dates confused and the wrong guy ends up dead; a very funny episode with some of the best lines of the season)
7--Four to Eight (two Catorce gang members are shot to death and Brenda ends up needing medical care)
8--Manhunt (two bodies turn up and the suspect serial killer kills in sets of three, so the squad struggles to find victim number three before it's too late; one of my favorites with a twist ending in which Brenda is almost killed with a cattle prod)
9--Blindsided (Brenda is forced to take a journalist on a ride-along, but the car with her, Gabriel, and the reporter is shot at; one of the best confessions of the season takes place in this one, in an elevator of all places)
10--Culture Shock (a Chinese business woman is found dead on a tour bus leading the squad to discover she led a very interesting life, one her in-laws couldn't abide by)
11--Lover's Leap (this one involves a Dept. of Homeland Security employee who turns out to be having an affair with Pope)
12--Til Death Do Us Part, Part 1 (a famous Hollywood divorce attorney is found dead; one of the best of the season has many twists and turns, including a house full of marijuana and a very angry wife)
13--Til Death Do Us Part, Part 2
14--Next of Kin, Part 1 (Brenda ends up chasing a murder suspect back to Atlanta and involving her parents in his apprehension; they take a very long RV ride back to LA with the suspect)
15--Next of Kin, Part 2

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