Jun 21, 2008

Will Smith Puts His Kids' (Film Premieres) First

Will Smith's new film Hancock opens the same day as his daughter Willow's flick, Kitt Ketteridge: An American Girl, where she stars opposite Abigail Breslin. So will there be tension in the household? Of course not. It's the Smiths. They're perfect. In fact, Will is cutting short his promotional duties for Hancock tomorrow so that he can join Willow at her film's premiere in LA.

I also have to say that Willow, who's seven, is already strikingly beautiful. She totally got the best of both parents (unlike some people ... coughRUMERcough). She is gonna be one hot little teenager. I wonder if she can act. Man, I sure hope she can. This girl has TONS of potential in the gossip world as she ages.

reported by The Evil Beet
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