Jun 7, 2008

Five Reasons We Love Colin Firth

1.) He is Mr. Darcy, the best man ever.
It's so undeniable that after novelist Helen Fielding fell in love with him during the 1995 miniseries Pride & Prejudice and modeled her modern-day Darcy after him in her Bridget Jones books, he came back to play the character in the movie adaptations. That's, like, destiny or something.

2.) He sings!
In The Importance of Being Earnest he crooned just one song, but he'll have lots more opportunities in Mamma Mia!, which now I'm gonna have to see even though the entire concept of it grosses me out -- a girl has to guess which of her mother's old lovers is her father? ick! -- because in it, Colin Firth sings.

3.) Pictures of his penis are on the internet somewhere.
He said so himself on The Daily Show recently. I am so not making this up. Now, I'm one of those girls who thinks that pretty much if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all, and I don't get a huge thrill out of the idea of getting a glimpse of Little Colin via a grainy cell-phone cam (which was, ahem, whipped out by a strange fellow in a public restroom, as Firth told the story), but that he would tell such a story on global television speaks volumes to his self-confidence and sense of humor. Which, as lots of girls know, is way more important to a guy's attractiveness than what he looks like. Not that Colin's not adorable.

4.) He's so generous! The man does not stop working.
Check out his IMDb.com page and look what he's got on his plate: he'll appear in five movies in U.S. domestic release in 2008: the aforementioned When Did You Last See Your Father?, Then She Found Me, and Mamma Mia!, which is coming in July. And then there's The Accidental Husband with Uma Thurman, also this summer, and the Michael Winterbottom drama Genova, which was just at Cannes and is set for a late-2008 release. And he's got six movies on his slate for 2009! When does he sleep?

5.) Have I mentioned that he's Colin Firth?

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