May 15, 2008

Top Ten Comedies of Summer 2008

These are the top ten comedies of summers 2008 as reported from

1.) Wall-E
I read an interview recently in (Ain't It Cool News, actually) where the primary difference between Pixar's work and the other animation houses was perfectly summed up: for the most part, Pixar is never worried about being hip or snarky. They care less about pop culture references or cynicism than they do character and story. And they almost always knock it out of the park. So yeah, this is numero uno on my list.

2.) Tropic Thunder
I tend to like Ben Stiller movies, especially when he takes things off the deep end the way he did as Derek Zoolander, his cameo in Happy Gilmore or his searing portrayal as White Goodman in Dodgeball. But the guy who looks to steal this movie and deliver in a big way is Robert Downey Jr. as a method actor who makes Daniel Day-Lewis look like an amateur.

3.) Pineapple Express
Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay disappointed me this year. It was just a sub-par stoner comedy, I'm sorry. So, I'm holding out hope that team Apatow can deliver again. If George Washington director David Gordon Green delivers the rougher edge the trailer seems to promise, I'm going to be flying high. See what I did there? Yeah, man.

4.) Step Brothers
I consider Will Ferrell one of the funniest people on the planet, but I'm no rollover. I'm not one of these people that love everything he touches. I wasn't a big Ricky Bobby fan. Or a Kicking and Screaming fan. Blades of Glory didn't do it for me. But I love when John C. Reilly and Ferrell get together because it's obvious they're having fun and it can be infectious. The bottom line is this movie looks funny and the fact that it's not "Will Ferrell doing [blank sport]" is probably a good thing.

5.) Hancock
I'm befuddled by some of the negative reaction this movie has caused online. There's rumors of Peter Berg and the studio trying to figure out how edgy a movie they're going to release. Right now, I'm withholding judgment and based on the trailers, I'm sold. I like that Will Smith is a superhero who is a complete A-hole. We need this to work at least a little. Let's cross our fingers together.

6.) The Love Guru
I need to see this to answer a very simple question: Does Mike Myers still have it? The latest trailer makes me think he might. If it's silly fun you're after, Mr. Myers, I shall play along. Just don't suck.

7.) Kung Fu Panda
Monkey. Crane. Mantis. Tiger. Viper. Panda. Kung Fu styles, all of them (at least now). Let it be known, Dreamworks, that I have my own ancient styles: Popcorn. Goobers. Soda. Oh, it's on.

8.) The Wackness
Any movie that puts Mary-Kate Olsen, Method Man and Ben Kingsley in the same movie has to at least be a little entertaining. This is one of those popular Sundance movies nobody will see so it needs all the support it can get.

9.) American Teen
Slight cheat here since this is a documentary but it does seem to have a nice dose of the comedy! The trailer even sells it like American Pie, minus the gross-out humor. Word is strong on this one. I'm on this love train.

10.) Swing Vote
This movie has an absolutely preposterous premise but hey, it's the reason we go to the movies. If I want reality, I'll turn on the five o'clock news. Oh, and I have this weird thing with Kevin Costner in that I don't consider him the plague. I dug the hell out of Mr. Brooks so let's see if he can keep this good movie thing going.

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