May 19, 2008

Review: "Disco Pigs"

Disco Pigs (2001)
Director: Kirsten Sheridan
Producers: Ed Guiney, Stephen Bradley
Starring: Elaine Cassidy, Cillian Murphy, Eleanor Methven, Geraldine O'Rawe, Brian O'Byrne, Darren Healy, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Michael Rawley, Eoghan Harris, Dawn Bradfield
Studio: Temple Film & TV Productions Ltd.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93m

Disco Pigs, two Irish kids (Pig and Runt), inseparable since birth, find their close relationship challenged by growing pains.

Pig and Runt were born on the same day at the same hospital and - almost - at the very same moment. Yet they had two different mothers. Magically drawn to one another, the babies stretch out their hands over the top of their cradles and touch. From this moment onwards it's them, and only them, that count. The years pass, Pig and Runt are now sixteen and live in a fragile, dangerous world of their own, speaking a language that only they can understand. But then, just before their seventeenth birthdays, the perfect balance begins to waver. Runt starts talking to Marky, her classmate. At the disco, Pig goes mad with jealousy because Marky tries to kiss Runt. As Pig and Runt run off together, Pig suddenly presses Runt against a wall and forces her to kiss him. Runt is horrified. Soon after Runt is sent away to a school in Donegal and Pig becomes distraught without her. Then when Pig shows up at her school on their birthday to save her, Runt's response is far from enthusiastic.

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