May 27, 2008

Ben Affleck Almost Arrested

Ben Affleck was almost arrested while making ''Gone Baby Gone.''

The "Armageddon" star was making his directional debut on the film when police mistook him for a drug dealer in Boston.

He revealed: "The cops nearly arrested us a couple of times because they thought we were drug dealers."

"We were working in parts of town where there was a lot of drug dealing going on and a couple of times the cops swooped on us."

"One they talked to us because there was a human trafficking ring in a house nearby. It was wild."

Ben says that while making the film he wanted to "show people a world that they never normally get to see."

He added: "I grew up in a poor, tough part of Boston, like the neighborhoods in the film.

"I wanted to reveal what it's really like in one of those areas the audience would never have access to - bars they would never visit."

"Gone Baby Gone" is released in UK cinemas next month.

Source: BANG Showbiz

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