May 2, 2008

The 50 Biggest Celeb Scandals Since 1985

Think Miley and Paula had a rough week? They can be thankful their most recent PR fires seem tame compared to the 50 we've compiled, ranging from infidelity and murder to drugs and prison time.

It probably won't feel like much consolation to Paula Abdul and Miley Cyrus right now, but in the world of celebrity scandals, what they've contributed this week is pretty tame. Sure, it may feel like all eyes were on you, but on the Richter Scale of show-business bad-publicity tremors, a tussled Annie Leibovitz photo shoot and offering an opinion about a song you didn't hear? We'd wager the 50 celebs involved in the scandals in the following gallery can only dream that was the conversation starter they had to spring on their lawyers and publicists. Infidelity, drugs, murder, prison — those are problems. So, keep your chins up Miley and Pau...oh, sorry, Ms. Abdul, but you're on this list for a previous indiscretion. But, hey, it's still better to do damage control as a reality-TV judge than to be hauled in front of a real judge on TV...

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