Apr 2, 2008

Indonesian House Speaker warns govt of Fitna film

The House of Representatives Speaker Agung Laksono warned Friday the government of Fitna film produced by a Dutch politician as it could cause new religious conflict.

Fitna, aired on www.youtube.com, cited Holy Koran verses and displayed, among other things, the Sept. 11, 2001 attack which has been committed by those who claimed to represent Islam.

Fitna has been touted as a misleading critique of Islam and Koran.

Agung said the government must take action against the film in youtube as people would easily download and distribute it to others.

He also asked the Netherlands' government and the film producer to withdraw Fitna from the public.

The Netherlands' government said its state prosecutors could investigate whether Fitna incited violence when the film was available to the public.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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