Mar 29, 2008

Netherlands' PM sends letter to NU on Fitna film

The Netherlands' Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende has sent a letter to the Nadhlatul Ulama (NU) chairman Hasyim Muzadi, saying the upcoming controversial Fitna film produced by Dutch politician Geert Wilder did not reflect his government stand on Islam.

The letter was delivered by the First Secretary of Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Alexander Kofmanke to the NU office on Wednesday.

In the letter, Balkenende said he understood the disappointment of the NU and other religious organizations in Indonesia over Fitna, which has been touted as a misleading critique of Islam and the Koran and may spark a new religious tension.

He said his government could not ban a film which has not been aired yet. However, once the film is available to the public, state prosecutors could investigate whether or not the film incites crime.

Balkenende agreed that violence should be avoided should the film be released on the Internet.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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