Mar 1, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Is the Next Michael Jackson

I'm sure we all knew Jennifer Lopez was not exactly the world's most reasonable person – in fact, as it came out on various occasions, she apparently fancies herself quite the diva. And I mean "Naomi Campbell"-style diva – well, maybe not throwing Blackberry phones at anyone's head but certainly acting like she's just been crowned queen of all mere mortals on this planet. And now that J.Lo finally delivered her baby twins, she seems to have become even more the whimsical diva – to the point where people around her have started wondering whether or not she may be pushing the whole "maternity craze" a little too far.

Now don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with maternal instincts gearing into overdrive, especially since we know J.Lo had a hard time conceiving – so much so in fact, that it is rumored she resorted to in vitro fertilization to have her babies (which as you probably know increases the likelihood of having twins). It's natural for her (well, natural for any mother) to be overprotective of the kids, trouble is – it's one thing to be extra careful, and it's another thing altogether to become extremely paranoid about it. So, if we are to believe the latest reports, Lopez is on the verge of turning into the new Michael Jackson. Expect round the clock protection, disinfectants, face masks and the likes. No, I'm not kidding.

"Reportedly, the couple has hired six new bodyguards -- two for each eight-hour shift around the clock. The annual tab for that comes to a cool $600,000, not including the cost of benefits for the new security team", reports the Chicago Sun-Times. They also quote a source from J. Lo's entourage who claims that "she's paranoid about a possible kidnapping" and also quite the "germaphobe". Which means that she's apparently had dispensers containing hygienic cleansers placed in strategic positions, so that anyone wishing to enter the babies' nursery can clean themselves first. She also apparently bought "a lifetime supply" of surgical masks to be worn around the babies. Yes, because there's nothing a baby loves more than seeing people in masks walking around, singing them lullabies. Well, at this rate, expect to see the Lopez babies with their faces hidden behind veils soon. You know it's coming.

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