Feb 24, 2008

Al Pacino Rumored to be in Next Bond Movie

Well, if the rumors are true, Bond may be going toe-to-toe with one of the world's most respected, most beloved actors. The movie, Quantum of Solace (a.k.a. Bond 22), named after an Ian Fleming short story, takes place immediately after that killer ending to Casino Royale. How immediately? Try one hour. For the first time in Bond history, James Bond picks up right where he left off and continues on the mission that was never really finished last time. Remember that terrorist network Le Chiffre was working for? Well, his boss is still around. Guess whom the rumor has pegged as his boss?

Al Pacino.

Now, while some folks are celebrating this bold choice of a selection, others, like myself, are dreading it being true. I mean, I love me some Pacino, really I do. If the man makes a movie, I'm there. But a Bond villain? Really? "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die. HOO-AH!" Heaven help us if he has a midget sidekick. "Mr. Bond, say hello to my…"

In all seriousness though, Pacino was an incredible actor and has immeasurable charisma. Unfortunately, he stopped ACTING years ago. Oh, he still appears in movies. He just doesn't create refined, well honed characters anymore. They're all just Al Pacino. And that is distinctly NOT what a Bond villain is. Bond villains stand out as something completely detached from reality. They're powerful, insane and have a sense of style all their own. The only thing cooler and more iconic than a Bond villain is a Bond villain's henchman. Both require unknown actors who can use their abnormal physical features to create their character (like Jaws or Oddjob), or they require actors with an immense amount of range.

Can you honestly picture Pacino fitting into that world, even in a small role? No. It's going to be one of those "Oh my goodness! It's Al Pacino!" moments. Like a Christopher Walken cameo. As cool as it is, it just kind of takes you out of the movie.

Normally, I wouldn't be so uptight about Bond casting. They've made so many missteps over the years that it is not even funny. But last time they didn't just get it right, they got it really, really right. People who never liked a Bond movie in their life (like my wife) fell head over heels in love with this movie. And the fans (like myself) lost our damned fool minds. It was a perfect Bond film, resetting the entire series and rekindling the world's love affair with the single greatest secret agent to ever live. I really, really, really want them to get this 100% right.

And that means pulling back on the celebrity casting. And that means leaving your little friend at home. But say hello to him for me. Hoo-Ah!

Written by C. Robert Cargill
Email massawyrm@hotmail.com

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