Apr 18, 2010

Nick Jonas to Win a Grammy


Nick Jonas has skyrocketed to fame with the Jonas Brothers, launched a solo career and has admitted he's thought about eventually running for president.

So, what milestone is the teen sensation eyeing next? "It's a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day," Jonas, 17, says in Sunday's issue of Parade". "I'm not saying I'm Grammy-worthy, but it would be a dream come true."

As for his possible aspiration of a run for the White House, the teen says his serious demeanor earned him the nickname "Mr. Prez" from family members. Although it was a "joke at first," it started him thinking about a future in politics. "Then I thought, 'Man, it actually would be cool to run for President one day.' I've always been quite driven. I take after my father."

While Jonas has said his band's name, Nick Jonas & The Administration, is a nod to his "fascination with the presidency," his first solo album, Who I Am, gives fans an intimate look into what makes him tick. The title song, for example is "saying that it's important for me to be comfortable with myself first," Jonas says.

"One of the biggest things I think people struggle with, even at my age, is self-confidence – feeling comfortable in their skin," he says, "and wanting to find someone who loves them for that."

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